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Cellphone catches fire aboard Air Canada flight

02 March, 2018, 08:29 | Author: Kristi Dunn
  • Passenger injured on flight when phone goes up inĀ flames

A Vancouver-bound Air Canada flight departing from Toronto Pearson Airport was delayed Thursday morning after a passenger's LG smartphone caught fire.

"The fire was immediately extinguished by our crew and there was no damage to the aircraft, however, the owner of the phone suffered injuries and was treated by emergency services who attended the aircraft", the spokesperson said.

Air Canada told MobileSyrup that the customer was "able to walk off the plane and the person's present condition is not known". Authorities said the cellphone catching fire was not criminal in nature. The flight carrying 266 passengers departed for Vancouver after a two hour delay.

The aircraft arrived in Vancouver without incident, Arthur said.

"It was very contained", he said.

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"But the fact we were on the tarmac alleviated the situation to some degree".

"We heard some screaming in the back and I looked around and saw smoke coming up, which of course was unnerving because your mind goes to the worst", he said in a phone interview.

"At LG, consumer and product safety is a top priority", spokeswoman Alissa Liotti said in a statement. However, it's not clear what caused the phone to catch fire.

"We're now gathering information and assessing the occurrence, which means once we have all the information, then the decision would be taken if we would investigate or not", she said in a phone interview with Radio Canada International.