Judge orders 30-year-old man to move out of parents' home

26 May, 2018, 12:55 | Author: Orlando Hughes
  • Michael Rotondo left defends himself against his parents Mark and Christina Rotondo who are on the right conferring

A couple in upstate NY sued their own son, who still lives at home, to have him evicted - and they won.

The parents penned several letters to him going back to February, all asking him to leave the home they say they've owned since 1975, according to a civil petition they filed in Odondaga County Court. They gave him $1,100 "so you can find a place to stay" and offered him some life advice.

"We have decided that you must leave this house immediately", reads the first letter, dated 2 February, according to court filings. You will not be allowed to return.

Mr Rotondo told the judge there was a "common law requirement of six-month notice to quit" before a tenant was "removed through ejectment action".

"I just want a reasonable amount of time to vacate with the consideration of the fact that I was not really prepared to support myself at the time I was served these notices", he said.

Rotondo's parents went so far as to even offer to pay for their 30 year old son's health insurance, with Rotondo explaining that he couldn't take that money because it would compromise getting the "poor person" status.

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When Michael ignored the letter, his parents wrote up a proper eviction notice with the help of their lawyer.

On Tuesday, Rotondo said he was still living at home.

Supreme Court Justice Donald Greenwood also branded Rotondo's plea for more time "outrageous" and issued him with an eviction order.

The Rotondos took Michael to the New York Supreme Court.

He also ordered adult protective services to investigate the situation.

The couple finally made a decision to take legal action after learning they could only remove a family member from their home through an ejectment proceeding. When Greenwood called Rotondo up to the bench, the long-haired and bearded son tried to bring the podium with him - noting it held the reporters' microphones. "Get one - you have to work!" And I'm expecting that I will be able to. In that case, Rotondo claims he was unfairly fired when he said he couldn't work Saturdays since that is when he had visitation with his child. "They don't provide laundry or food", he said. But when asked about his business, [Michael] replied: "'My business is my business'".



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