US Defence Secretary James Mattis To Keep His Job, Says Donald Trump

07 September, 2018, 16:17 | Author: Orlando Hughes
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Asked by reporters at the White House whether he was considering replacing Mattis, Trump said: "He'll stay right there". The Post released audio of Trump expressing surprise about the book in an August conversation with Woodward and dismay that he did not have an opportunity to contribute. The sheriffs were enjoying the show and when the president finished, they burst into applause.

Former Trump staff secretary Rob Porter is also said to have conspired with Cohn to remove an letter that Trump ordered Porter to draft that would have withdrawn the USA from the North American Free Trade Agreement.

"This guy is mentally retarded". "The day it comes out that Trump secretly works out and reads Shakespeare and teaches kids how to code, that's when we can call it a bombshell".

GREENE: That's incredible. And that was attorney John Dowd, who used to be one of the lawyers in the White House.

Trump's former lawyer John Dowd conducted a mock interview with Trump to convince him that he would commit perjury if he agreed to talk to Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who is leading the Russian Federation investigation, the book says.

Mr Dowd also expressed his concerns directly to Mueller, Woodward writes. "It's either that or an orange jumpsuit".

The book contains quotes attributed to top White House aides that ridicule Trump's intellect.

In a statement to the Post, Woodward said, "I stand by my reporting".

"We want the administration to succeed and think that many of its policies have already made America safer and more prosperous", the writer said. "That's his nature", Dowd said to Mueller, according to CNN's account.

In a statement, the White House pushed back. In her statement, she went on to list administration accomplishments and predicted a Trump win in 2020.

House Speaker Paul Ryan is declining to comment on disparaging comments about President Donald Trump in Bob Woodward's new book, saying he's not seen it.

Amazon becomes the 2nd USA company to join the $1 trillion club
The company's stock has surged more than 70 percent since January, outperforming Apple, which has gained more than 30 percent. Amazon has become the second publicly traded company to be worth US$1 trillion (NZ$1.52 trillion), hot on the heels of Apple.

He later said that he did hear about Woodward's attempts from Graham, but noted that because Woodward didn't speak with him the reporter's upcoming tome would be "very inaccurate", and "that's too bad".

"I never spoke to him", Trump told The Daily Caller. Lindsay Graham of SC, to put in a good word for him as well. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), among others. "He (Trump) is also denying it, by the way", Israeli Intelligence Minister Israel Katz told Tel Aviv radio station 103 FM.

Trump is quoted as telling his hand-picked 80-year-old secretary of commerce, Wilbur Ross, "I don't trust you. 'So, it sounds like you're on the fence about going to prom with me?'" I think you've always been fair. We'll see what happens.

In the book, Woodward writes about Mattis and Kelly's frustrations about working with the president, at times defying his demands.

In one anecdote, Mr Trump questioned his National Security Council on Jan 19 about why the United States maintained a costly presence on the Korean peninsula.

Gen. Mattis told the president that he'd get right on it.

Defence Secretary Jim Mattiss also released a statement on the quotes attributed to him which said Trump had the understanding of a 'fifth or sixth grader'. Bannon screamed at Ivanka at a staff meeting, according to Woodward.

"He's an idiot. It's pointless to try to convince him of anything. We're in Crazytown", Woodward reports Kelly as saying. And it's - you know, it's a tough look at the world and your administration and you. "So I have another bad book coming out".

"We have a presidency which is off the rails", Kerry told Cooper and went as far as to say that the nation is experiencing a "constitutional crisis".

"So if the failing New York Times has an anonymous editorial, can you believe it, anonymous - meaning gutless - a gutless editorial - we're doing a great job".



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America to North Korea: We've spied your hacking spy
The sabotage included the WannaCry 2.0 virus, the 2014 Sony Pictures attack and the 2016 cyber-heist of Bangladesh's central bank. Prosecutors said the complaint was sealed for a variety of reasons and wasn't done to prevent derailing the Singapore talks.

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Kennedy, also endorsed the incumbent, calling him "a guy who won't shy away from steep odds or tough truths". Mike Capuano has just conceded to challenger Ayanna Pressley at his campaign headquarters in Somerville.

Trump suggests libel laws be changed after bombshell book
Trump's witch hunt through the White House is apparently part of the White House's last-minute, scrambling PR plan. In a separate statement, the White House is dismissing the book as "nothing more than fabricated stories".

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Amazon passes $1 trillion in value amid attacks from Trump
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Trump Lambasts Jeff Sessions...Again
Sen Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) tweeted that Trump was "looking to use the Department of Justice to settle political scores". Trump wrote on Twitter the Justice Department's decision to file charges will hurt safe Republican seats in the U.S.