Knickers The Giant Steer Has The Internet Saying, 'Holy Cow!'

29 November, 2018, 07:36 | Author: Orlando Hughes
  • Australia’s Biggest Steer Saved from Slaughter by his Size

You might be tempted to say "Holy cow!".

Meet "Knickers", a Holstein-Friesian steer, which is a dairy breed of cattle.

Since he is no longer being sent to slaughter, Knickers has found a way to be useful around the farm helping to lead and coach other cattle.

Knickers the cow, hailing from Lake Preston, Australia, stands at 6 feet, 4 inches, making him the tallest steer in the country, according to local media outlets.

That's because Knickers is a steer. That's about double the weight and over a foot and a half taller than that of an average sized Holstein Friesian cow, according to the Holstein Association.

Knickers the steer is too big to be made into burgers, so he's getting to live out his days on the farm instead.

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He received his odd name due to his owner already owning a Brahman steer, named "Bra". While another added: "Knickers the cow is the best big thing in Australia". "So his name was we [had] bra and knickers".

When owner Geoff Pearson tried to auction the seven-year-old off, potential buyers admitted to being put off by the fact he was simply too big to handle.

Mr Pearson said: "The other cattle look up to him, wherever he goes, they go".

"He was unable to fit into the supply chain so Knickers lives on", Mr Pearson told Perth Now.

'He was always a standout who stood above the rest.

Meanwhile, the world's tallest steer record is held by an Italian chianina ox named Bellino.



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