My Baby Girl Myrka

I wanted to write my first post, but didn’t know which subject to choose, so I decided to write about my little dog Myrka and why I love her so much. This is a nice first subject since I am writing about my baby who gives me so much joy. She is always there for me and she comforts me immensely when I need it.

I lost my little guy, last year, (another Pomeranian of 11 years old) and she is missing him a lot, so she is compensating by been extremely affectionate with my husband and I. But she is especially affectionate with me, and she follows me everywhere.

She is almost 10 years old and is a Pomeranian. She is very intelligent, and my husband, and I have to talk often in codes because she understands almost everything we say. She loves to cuddle up with me on the couch when I watch TV or update my website and, as you see in the picture, she loves to sleep in our bed and sometimes even, under the covers.
I know it’s going to be very hard on her and me when I start back to school but fortunately, I have only two days of school per week. She taught me about unconditional love and to take the time to enjoy life. I am an animal lover, every animal, but I have a special place in my heart for dogs, and I couldn’t imagine my life without one.

So thank you for letting me share with you a little bit about my wonderful baby girl.


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