Where Does Our Water Come From? (INFOGRAPHIC)

We use water every day for washing dishes, take a bath or a shower, do the laundry, make dinner and we even drink it, but we don’t always pay attention to it.

Yeah sure, with all the awareness going around we are sensitive about taking care of our resources. But are we really conscious of the fact that water is something that wasn’t as easy to get, not so long ago, as it is today? And do we think about where this precious water comes from? How it is treated and what process is used to give us access to a clean and pure water? Probably not!

So Seametrics came up with this infographic to let us know where it emanates from and which path it takes to arrive at our faucets. There is also other cool details and data on it that will surprise you. As it turns out, the process to get this precious water from the earth to our faucets is not as easy as we would think.

You’ll find out about aquifers, where are located the most important ones and some other things very interesting to learn about them. You’ll probably be happy to know these facts like I was!

Click on infographic to enlarge

Source: Seametrics

Photo credit: neilalderney123/Flickr



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