St Patrick’s Day: A Brief History & Fun Facts (INFOGRAPHIC)

Tomorrow, March 17th is St Patrick’s Day, and since I am part Irish, I wanted to celebrate this day with this fun infographic. It’s filled with tons of info on the history of this popular day.

I find it very interesting to discover all the facts that we didn’t know, for instance, the meaning of the clover leaf, the history of St Patrick, why it’s celebrated on this particular day, the first parade and other facts.

In my family, we take this special day very seriously, and we pay it tribute in many ways. We usually have a family dinner at my mother-in-law’s house with Irish stew, an Irish dessert, and drinks with clover-leaf shaped ice cubes. And we all wear green.

On my husband side of the family, his grandfather was from Ireland and on my mine, my great grandmother was also from Ireland. That’s why we are exposed to the traditions of St Patrick’s day, and we try to honor it every year. I also decorate my house with lots of St Patrick’s day ornaments.

So enjoy this infographic and have a Happy St Patrick’s Day !!

Click on infographic to enlarge

Saint Patrick

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