Easter Treats By The Numbers (INFOGRAPHIC)

Sunday, March 31st, is Easter and many of us celebrate this holiday with our family. We have a nice dinner and we exchange chocolate or candies. Kids love this holiday and can’t wait to start the Easter hunt to put as many treats as they can in their basket. Meanwhile, the parents love to watch them run around to look everywhere for those hidden treats and see their big smile when they find some.

It’s also around this time that Spring begins and that the nice weather starts to show its nose. The temperature is rising and the sun is more and more hot to help melt the snow (when there’s some!). We are in a good mood and everybody usually loves Easter.

But let’s face it, Easter is also a commercial holiday when tons and tons of candies and chocolate are sold and when companies make millions of dollars.

In this cool infographic, made by DegreeSearch.org, you’ll find out plenty of info about how many candies and chocolate are sold each year, how much is spent on them for this special day and some other facts.

They even have hidden 18 bunnies in the infographic. Feel free to tell me if you found the bunnies. And, by the way, Happy Easter! May you have lots and lots of sugar goods for Easter.

Click on infographic to enlarge



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