A Timeline of Social Media History (INFOGRAPHIC)

Social media grows to be the center of today and it has become a big part of our lives. Who doesn’t know Twitter or Facebook? I know that for many of us, life wouldn’t be the same without those sites or without the internet, for that matter. In fact, the internet has always been social.

But those sites are actually very young and still, social media existed before them. Forty-two years ago, the first email was sent and, after that, sites like classmates.com and the first personal blog, over twenty years later, were launched.

We are able to connect with other people from everywhere around the world so we can share information, personal thoughts and communicate a small part of our knowledge through those social networking sites. We can learn pretty much any news by going on those sites and blogs are an excellent way to share our passions with others. Blogs give people a voice.

So, when we take a look back in the history of social media, we discover that it’s only been after the year 2000 that the explosion of most of the social networking sites happened and that they became really popular. Social media has come a long way and developed into a powerful tool where anyone can find what they want and interact with the world.

The people over at copyblogger came up with this infographic about social media. You’ll learn plenty of info about social media and the internet. I have learned interesting facts and I’m sure you will too. Enjoy!

Click on infographic to enlarge

A History of Social Media
Source: copyblogger



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