7 Useful Facts About Canine Communication (INFOGRAPHIC)

I am an absolute dog lover and I always considered them part of the family. I owned a dog since I was a little girl and I plan on having one until I die, at least until I can’t take care of myself. They are wonderful companions and can be extraordinary confidants when there’s nobody to talk to. They are loving, faithful, never judge us and they are always eager to please us.

But we have to admit that when dogs bark too much or without obvious reasons, we are usually annoyed. But do we take the time to ask ourselves why they bark? Do they do it randomly? Do they have a good reason? Well, it seems that our lovely pooches, as a result, have a very good reason and you need to find out why they bark to help control the behavior.

Almost every dog owner says that he can tell his dog’s desires only by the kind of bark he does, and the owner is usually right.

Actually, we get accustomed to the way our furry friends are barking and can recognize what our dogs want by the noise they make.

According to a recent study in Hungary, a team of researchers, of Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, realized that each kind of bark represents a specific emotion or need and that humans are able to distinguish the emotions in their dog’s bark.

Well, I found this cool infographic that is giving good information on the subject. You’ll discover the types of barking with a short definition which will help you to identify better what your faithful friend wants to tell you when he or she barks. There’s also some other facts that could be helpful.

Naturally, knowing what your dog wants to tell you isn’t the only solution to control barking. There are many other ways to stop excessive barking like, making sure your dog gets plenty of physical exercise, avoiding leaving them alone for a long period of time, avoiding rewarding the barking, etc.

I hope that you’ll like this infographic and you’ll find it useful. I was very happy to find it and I enjoyed learning about the types of barking. Please feel free to write me your comments.

Note:  The section on Methods used to stop barking on the infographic is for information purposes only and, as a dog lover, I don’t condone methods used that could be painful and traumatic or could be at risk for the dog.  If your dog is barking excessively, there’s a good chance that it’s behavioral and you should try to find the cause.

It will probably be more productive and less stressful for you furry friend. Barking is as natural as speaking for us humans and it’s when it has become out of control that there’s a problem. Try to consult a specialist or a veterinarian before making any decisions.

Click on infographic to enlarge

Bark! 7 Facts about Canine Communication
Source:  visual.ly

Photo credit: Photosightfaces/Flickr



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