The State of Infographics (INFOGRAPHIC)

I was looking for a subject for an article and I was racking my brains for a new idea that I would have no problem writing about and, all of a sudden, I had a stroke of genius! Why not search for an infographic about infographics. I began exploring my favorite search engine and I finally found exactly what I wanted. I decided to write about infographics and what better way to support my article about infographics than with an actual infographic.

I am a fervent fan of infographics because they can explain topics in a visual way. When you look at an infographic, you grasp the idea instantly and they make a pretty complex subject very easy to understand. I have posted more infographics on my blog than any other kind of articles and I can assure you that I will post many more in the future.

By the way, did you know that infographics date back to the 1700s?

Actually in 1626, Christopher Scheiner published a book about the rotation of the sun. The infographics contained in the book were in the form of illustrations showing the sun’s rotation patterns.

We have seen several models of infographics over the years, but it’s only in the 21st century, with the invention of the Adobe Flash platform, that they became extremely popular throughout the internet. Of course, the ones created by Peter Sullivan from The Sunday Times in the 1970s, 1980s, and the 1990s, inspired other newspapers to use more infographics. And they never cease to increase in popularity since then.

But infographics are not only for sharing the latest news, they are a powerful marketing tool too. Many companies incorporate them as a strategy to attract potential customers. It is proven to be an efficient way to make a presentation interesting and colorful.

So here it is, a brief history of infographics with some info about them, gathered together in an infographic. What more can you ask for?

Click on infographic to enlarge

State of Infographics
Source: Top Marketing Schools

Photo credit: Christopher Moisan / CC BY-NC 2.0



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