How The Psychology of Color Might Influence You (INFOGRAPHIC)

Colors play an important role in our everyday life. And many decisions we make can be affected by them, in several aspects, without us even noticing it. It seems that our moods and emotions can change whether we are in a red room or a green room, whether we wear blue or yellow. It can influence which color of clothes we dress in or which color of paint we put on our walls and make a big difference on our state of mind.

Some studies have shown that warm colors, like red, yellow and orange, can be associated with someone’s emotions such as anger or excitement and cold colors, like blue, purple or green, can bring such emotions as calm or serenity.

That’s the reasons companies choose the color of their products with great precaution so they can get the maximum of results. They want to reach out as many customers as possible and make big profits. It’s no coincidence that many restaurants designed their logo in yellow and red because it seems that bright colors encourage customers to eat and leave quickly, which is the purpose of the fast food restaurants, after all.

With 84.7% of customers saying that the color of a product is the primary reason why they buy it and 80% thinking that color increases brand recognition, I think it is safe to say that the psychology of color is something quite relevant to marketing. Some companies spend tons of billions on color market research.

That’s why the people at Webpage FX have created this infographic on the subject and they gathered some really cool facts together that I am pretty sure you will enjoy reading. So after you have read this infographic, you will realize why you feel the way you do when you are exposed to such and such color. Maybe it will influence your reactions and your choices will be different because of it. Either way, you’ll have the knowledge to act upon it.

Click on infographic to enlarge

Psychology of Color Infographic
Source:  Webpage FX



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  1. The psychology of colors is very important in our lives during the day, they express feelings, convey emotions, arouse desires, wishes and influence on our behavior. Your text was very consistent, express all color sensations.


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