A Brief History of Telecommunication (INFOGRAPHIC)

Telecommunication is the use of sounds, words or visuals to transmit information from a distance and is around for a lot longer than we could imagine. With the progress of technology and the use of numerous devices in our everyday lives, telecommunication is now a variety of ways to communicate with one another. We just have to think about the telephone, satellite communication, the internet, email, video, fax transmission or cable TV, to name a few.

But humans have used telecommunication for thousands of years. It all started with smoke signals and never ceased to evolve since then, with the invention of the telephone, followed by the telegraph and many more after that. Those inventions brought us to the era we live in today and we are now able to communicate on a very long distance at the speed of light to exchange tons of information that took weeks, maybe months to get through, in those days.

Approximately 50 years ago, it was unthinkable to have more than one television set in our house and we had to have a long telephone cord to roam around the house while talking on the phone. And speaking of telephone, we couldn’t call from our car to tell our spouse if he or she wanted something from the market on our way home. I remember when I was younger, they used to say that someday we could see the face of the person who was on the line with us, and today it is possible.

That’s why the infographic below is very interesting. It lets us know a little bit more about the history of telecommunication, when it all started and what progress it made throughout the centuries. It makes us realize that we didn’t always communicate with the facility as we do today and that we are very lucky to have all this technology within our reach.

Click on infographic to enlarge

A Brief History of Telecommunications [Infographic] - Conference Calls Unlimited
Brought to you by Conference Calls Unlimited

Photo credit: StockMonkeys.com/Flickr


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