A New Breed Of Social Media Personalities (INFOGRAPHIC)

Social media is now a part very important in my life, like many of you, and I wasn’t surprised when I saw that the people seen on social media are now categorized in personalities. We pass so much time on the net, and especially social media, that each and every one of us developed certain characteristics when we interact with others, even though we can’t see each other. It seems that different personalities have been discovered and we probably all can relate to one of those characters.

According to the UK-based online bank First Direct, supposedly we could behave differently for example on Facebook, on Twitter, or even in real life. And we don’t always restrain ourselves to just one personality, we can display a mix of several.

The experts of this bank conducted a worldwide survey to learn the comportment of people interacting with one another on social networks and with the help of Dr. David Giles, who is an expert in social media behavior and also a reader in media psychology at the University of Winchester, emerged 12 personalities that each member of the social media platforms population is most likely to be a part of.

After checking it all, it seems that I am an Ultra mixed with an Informer on Twitter as well as on Facebook, and a Lurker on Pinterest and on Instagram. I check Twitter and Facebook many times a day and I love to post the latest news.

So perhaps when you read this infographic, you will find out that you’re a Lurker or a Ranter or even an Ultra. Maybe you are a combination of several types. Let me know in the comment box below which one you are, I am curious to see who belongs to the same personality category as I do.

Click on infographic to enlarge

New personality types in social media
Source:  visual.ly



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