The Future Is Now: Five Weird Energy Sources (INFOGRAPHIC)

Energy is extremely useful and it is one of the most precious resources that are used to charge so many powerful devices. It comes in diverse forms and several products need it, especially in this day and age. We are surrounded  by a variety of machines that use energy to operate and all the technology that we are so depending on to do various tasks.

Wouldn’t we be lost if our laptop, cell phone or T.V. didn’t work all of a sudden because these resources would be expired? Just to think of all the appliances that use electricity and let us have hot water, heating in our house, etc. The list could go on and on…

But what do we know about energy sources? Here’s a little bit of info. It exists two types of energy: stored or potential energy and working or kinetic energy. And these energy types come from two groups, renewable and non-renewable.

Numerous people are aware that smokestack, turbines, and solar panels are built to produce electricity to name a few, but discovered some pretty unusual energy sources that are probably unknown from several of us and they combine them in this infographic below that was developed by NowSourcing.

Most of these devices are pretty clever and could save a lot of time, space and money to generate power. Take the TEGwear that recharges electronics that we wear via our body heat or the onE Puck, a coaster that uses cold or hot drinks to recharge our cellphone. And there’s more!

So check it out and, if you like, let me know if you already were aware of these devices.

5 Weirdest Energy Gadgets
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Photo credit: darktek13/Flickr



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