How To Save Time With Social Media Shortcuts (INFOGRAPHIC)

With our busy days, we try to find ways to save time in any way we can. And if you are like me, spending time on your favorite social networks can be time-consuming and you end up spending much more time then you primarily planned because there is so much to see.

But there are some tricks that could be useful and help you be as effective as you can be. In my post How to rock social media in 30 minutes a day, you can find some good info that can save you some significant time when you browse through these social media platforms.

In order to go even faster when you are social media surfing, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube have some really helpful shortcuts that can make your life easier.

These shortcuts are, in fact, certain specific key combinations for commands that would otherwise be available only through a menu or an interface.

It is an excellent way to do the commands you want in a flash without wasting any more of your precious time and it will allow you to be up to speed with your favorite social media platforms. Just press a key or a key combination and voilà! Less mouse-clicking needed.

This is why quintly put together this infographic that will help you learn these shortcuts. So go ahead and try to memorize these shortcuts. It will be worth the effort. Ready, steady, go!!!

Have you ever heard about these shortcuts? Have you ever tried them? Please feel free to comments!

Click on infographic to enlarge

quintly Infographic: Social Media Shortcuts - How To Save Your Time On Social Media Platforms
Source:  quintly



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