How Colors Can Affect Conversions (INFOGRAPHIC)

Achieving our goals as a blogger isn’t always simple. But one thing we all want is generated as much traffic as possible. And optimizing our traffic depends on small details that can make a real difference. Getting a high number of visitors is a good thing, but getting people to stay awhile on your site is awesome!

As I previously said it in my post, How The Psychology of Color Might Influence You, colors can affect many of our decisions and are not to be taken lightly.

Choosing the right color for your call to action buttons is a priority if you want to optimize your conversion rates. Mixing those colors with your blog’s other colors can influence the way your visitors behave on your site.

That’s why big companies and websites are paying attention to the fact that colors have a powerful influence on the human brain, which could make a huge difference in their conversion rates.

This infographic, created by KISSmetrics, is a really good tool to help build your site with optimal colors. They have included some companies that have had successful results just by changing one color on their website. They have also enclosed how men and women are targeted by colors. There are other facts that are pretty helpful and interesting too.

So check it out if you want to learn these tricks and apply them to your site. This could be what you needed to help you reach some of your goals.

 Click on infographic to enlarge 

How Colors Affect Conversions
by KISSmetrics

Photo credit: Marlon Böhland/Flickr



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