Hand Jive: 7 Hand Gestures That Can Get You Into Trouble (INFOGRAPHIC)

Hand gestures don’t have universal meanings, as most of us think. Yes, some hand gestures aren’t innocent in some parts of the world as they are in the U.S. or the Canada. This could get someone into quite a lot of trouble when traveling abroad.

Did you know that making the “thumbs up” doesn’t mean “well done” in Greece, Russia, Sardinia and West Africa? It means something totally different. Instead, you will be insulting the recipient with a hearty “up yours”.

And that’s only one example of hand gestures that don’t mean at all what they stand for in North America.  There are many more that you might think at first.

The infographic below, created by Pimsleur Approach, contains 7 hand gestures that can be hazardous in other parts of the globe. This list could be very helpful for travelers that visit many countries all around the world. You could end up being rude to someone when your only intention was to be friendly with them.

So check it out and try to learn them before your next trip. It could save you from being in a bad spot and prevent dangerous misunderstandings.

Click on infographic to enlarge

Hand Jive
Source: visual.ly

Photo credit:  talkingplant/Flickr



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