8 Facts About Pomeranians And Why They Are So Adorable (SLIDESHOW)

When I bought my first Pomeranian, I didn’t know much about the breed. I just lost my other dog a month before that, a Yorkshire named Shadow, and I only knew that they were very beautiful and small, but also yappy dogs.

My best friend called me, about a month after the loss of my beloved Shadow, to ask me if I wanted to adopt another dog. Like I said above, I only knew they were inclined to bark and that was about it, but I decided to go see him anyway.

When my husband and I entered the house, he was laying quietly on the couch and didn’t even let out a sound at our arrival. Pompon, that was his name, was very beautiful with his fluffy and beige coat that was surrounding him. He was one and a half years old.

We both fell immediately in love with him and we never regretted our decision to keep him. In his 11 years with us, he’s always been a loving and wonderful companion. He sadly passed away last year.

We were so enchanted with our little furry friend that when Pompon was two and a half years old, we decided to add another baby dog to our family. We bought a little 8-week-year-old girl that we named Myrka. You can read about her in my other post: My baby girl Myrka.

When Pompon died, we didn’t get another dog because Myrka needs a lot of attention. She was 8 when she became the only dog of the house, so we were not sure that she would adapt to another dog.

I educated myself about Pomeranians and I found out the following facts:

  1. Pomeranians come from Pomerania, a region on the south shore of the Baltic Sea, divided between Germany and Poland.
  2. Pomeranians are very intelligent and easy to train.
  3. They are a derivative of the Spitz family and was originally used as farm dogs, especially as sheep herders.
  4. Queen Victoria fell in love with the breed in Florence, Italy in 1888 and brought several Poms to England. Her favorite Pomeranian Turi was with her when she died. She is the reason why Pomeranians are so popular among royalty and later, celebrities.
  5. Originally, they descended from a larger breed, weighing up to 30 pounds, but were shorten over a given period of time, through cross-breeding.
  6. Their average life expectancy is from 12 to 16 years.
  7. Pomeranians are highly intelligent and extroverted dogs. They crave attention and seems to be one-owner dogs and are extremely loyal. They make marvelous watch dogs.
  8. There are 6 colors for Pomeranians: brown, orange, tan, white, black, grey-shaded.

This is only a few of the many more facts and history about Pomeranians, but my article would be much longer if I would have included them all.

Below, I added a slideshow, that I uploaded on Vimeo, with 9 pictures of my dear Pomeranians, Myrka, and Pompon. Enjoy!

Photo credit: dbarronoss/Flickr


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