How Google Understands What You’re Looking For (INFOGRAPHIC)

When you search for something on Google, you don’t always obtain the results you were looking for and sometimes you end up with some pretty strange answers that don’t come even close to your primary search query. That can be very annoying!

Maybe you ask yourself how does this great search engine that is Google give you results that are so far from what you initially wanted? But more often than not, your searches are rewarded with pretty accurate results and you get exactly what you asked for.

But how does it work and how does Google understand, forge associations and analysis based on the keywords you enter in the search bar? Well, the answer is simple, it takes its concept from the human brain. And that’s what this great infographic below, created by Vertical Measures, will help you understand.

You will learn how the magic behind the Google search engine works through many facets:

  • How it uses literal and semantic search to enter in your search query.
  • Where your search results come from.
  • How Google understands your search meaning.
  • On-site factors that determine your results.
  • The results your search gives you.

So check it out and the next time you make a search query, you will grasp a little bit more in depth where the results came from and how they were processed. And with the use of semantics taking the place of the literal search, possibilities are limitless!

Does this infographic help you understand the concept of Google? Feel free to share your comments!

How Google Understands You [INFOGRAPHIC]
Source:  VerticalMeasures

Photo credit: dannysullivan/Flickr



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