The Internet Then And Now: A Timeline From 1969 Until 2013 (INFOGRAPHIC)

Looking back at the Internet’s history, we can definitely say that progress has been made in a big way. We can now access the Internet through a device that we can hold in the palm of our hand without even a single wire, hence the name “wireless”. It’s hard to imagine that it’s only been forty-four years since the invention of the Internet and forty-two years since the first email was sent.

When we search for an answer, the first thing that we think to do is to look for it on the Internet. What is the name of this actor or the year of  Napoleon’s death? Let’s look on the net. And that’s the same thing for many questions we ask ourselves.

But the Internet has many functions besides answering all the questions that pop into our head. We can manage our banking accounts, order shoes, booked plane tickets. And that’s only some of the services available online.

When the first computer-to-computer link message was sent October 29, 1969, it contained only two letters, the L and O of the word “LOGIN”. This message traveled through the ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network), the Internet’s predecessor. Unfortunately, the system crashed but the message was successfully resent an hour later.

And today, with its 297 billion emails sent daily compare to 31 billion in 2001 and Google’s impressive 3 billion searches queries per day in 2012 opposed to 9.8 thousand per day in 1998, it’s not surprising to expect the Internet traffic to more than quadruple by 2014.

Well, WhoIsHostingThis? has created this very informative infographic about the history of the Internet where you will learn many more facts that can help you understand how the net has come to develop into what it is today.

Giant steps have been made since the birth of the Internet and it will continue to expand and improve. Today, 47% of the world’s population is using the net and this number will surely keep on increasing. As people say, we can’t fight progress!

Click on infographic to enlarge
The Internet: Then and Now [Infographic & Video] - Via Who Is Hosting This: The Blog
Source: WhoIsHostingThis?

Photo credit: ntr23/Flickr



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