5 Ways To Make Your Wedding Colorful And Quirky (INFOGRAPHIC)

So you’re getting married, and you’re planning your wedding. You want to keep it classy but full of color to give your day the WOW factor. Hitched has very much enjoyed researching the types of ways you can make your wedding day pop with color, whether it’s incorporated into the cake, the decor or a pair of really quirky bridal shoes, and it shows in this fun and colorful infographic. Enjoy!

Hitched is a wedding planning website with lots of helpful planning tools, ideas, and inspiration. And this site knows a thing or two about weddings hence help you make your wedding the way you want it.

The day when the bride had to dress only in white and the groom, in black and white is over. Nowadays, adding color into your wedding is becoming more and more popular. You can now plan your special day the way you want it, and make it as colorful and quirky as your heart desires.

Accessorizing with a flashy pair of bridal shoes and making a statement with a quirky suit for the groom are excellent ways to show your guests your true colors. And having matching bridesmaids dresses doesn’t have to be a tradition that’s written in stone.

Having the bridesmaids with all different color of dresses, this could be a fun way of standing out! So check out the wedding infographic below, provided by one of the leading wedding websites, Hitched. It is divided into five points:

  1. Statement Shoes
  2. Daring Decor
  3. Groomswear
  4. Bold Bridesmaids
  5. Tempting Treats

You will surely find in it some cool pointers to help you add color and quirkiness to you wedding so it can become the wedding of your dreams.

Click on infographic to enlarge

Source: hitched.ca

Photo credit:  KristaCarolynG/Flickr



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