15(ish) Things Worth Knowing About Coffee (INFOGRAPHIC)

Coffee is a very popular and addictive beverage that swept the entire world for a long time now. We have coffee shops on every corner to feed our addiction and help us get through our ecstatic day. With our busy life and not enough sleep to boot, we need some kind of lift so we can stay awake and be productive.

But do we really know how coffee became to be what it is nowadays? Aside from knowing that it comes from a plant, most of us don’t know much about the history of this magic elixir.

Believe it or not, the booster effect was discovered by Ethiopian shepherds who saw their goats being victims of the powerful effects of caffeine as they started to dance and were not able to sleep, after eating some coffee berries. In fact, the coffee beans are the seed found inside the berries and afterward processed to become the coffee beans we all know.

Today, coffee is found in many flavors, with all kind of additions to satisfy many different tastes. It is also fun to learn about our favorite hot liquid and its origins. That’s why this infographic below, created by The Oatmeal, is really interesting to check out and we find out while reading it, many fascinating facts about coffee.

Did you like this infographic? Did you learn some facts about coffee? Feel free to leave your comments below!

Click on infographic to enlarge

15(ish) Things Worth Knowing About Coffee
Source: The Oatmeal

Photo credit:  russelljsmith/Flickr



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