How One Single Red Paperclip Got A Guy His Own House (VIDEO)

On July 12, 2005, Kyle MacDonald decided to play a game he heard about when he was a young boy. This game was called “Bigger and Better” and it consisted of trading an item for something of a bigger value.

You started with a small object and knocked on people’s door, asking them if they had something bigger and better to trade it up for. After trading successfully for a while, kids would wind up with an item much bigger and better than the one they started with.

Kyle had this dream of owning a house, but he had no money and didn’t want to wait several years to get it.

So this Montreal 25-year-old decided to start with the first thing he saw on his desk, a red paperclip. He placed an ad on Craigslist to barter the red paperclip and waited for the first offer. At one point, he started his own website, One Red Paperclip.

One year and 14 trades later, Kyle’s dream came true and he bartered his own house which is located in Kipling, Saskatchewan. A couple of years later, he gave the house to the town. The house has now become a big tourist attraction that gave the town a lot of popularity. It is now known as The Paperclip House.

This crazy adventure got Kyle considerable publicity and fame, he even wrote a book about this whole experience. Now, Kyle is a published writer and a professional public speaker. He also started two other websites: RedPaperclip and Kyle MacDonald. His first website, One Red Paperclip, is still up and running.

He also made several appearances on famous news channels like ABC and CBC television. You can watch one of those interviews, that aired on 20/20, below:

Photo credit: Kyle MacDonald/Flickr/CC BY-NC


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