Back-To-School Season: Online Shopping & Spending (INFOGRAPHIC)

The back-to-school season is a very busy time for families and a very lucrative one for stores. Especially online stores since nowadays, students and their parents are increasingly using the internet for making their school-related purchases. We can anticipate that $72.5 billion will be spent this year on all that is needed for school.

Since September has started a few days ago, spending for school supplies, books, electronics clothing and more is in full mode and shoppers want to get the most for their money. And many of them find that shopping online is the most convenient way to get their shopping list all checked off.

Did you know that the back-to-school season is the second biggest shopping season of the year? As surprising as it is, that’s true. That’s why the back-to-school season is extremely important for many online retailers since that time of the year is critical to their business’ success. They can expect to increase their annual sales altogether because more and more shopping is made online.

Below, you will find an interesting infographic with valuable facts about the families’ habits in the back-to-school season, particularly online.

Do you plan to shop online this year? Or did you already make your back-to-school purchases? Feel free to comment below!

Back to School eCommerce
via Endicia

Photo credit:  Jeremy Wilburn/Flickr



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