The Shocking Effects Of High Heels On Your Body (INFOGRAPHIC)

Every woman likes to feel beautiful and sexy in a nice pair of high heeled shoes. We wear them despite the fact that they can cause irreversible damage to our feet, back, ankles and knees. Let’s be honest, looking good often surpasses the discomfort or even the throbbing pain our cool pumps cause us.

Maybe some women don’t know what is the real damage a 4-inch high pair of shoes can do to their feet. The truth is that most women know very well that high heels are not good for our body and that wearing them over an extended period can lead to severe pathologies.

Well, The Washington Post published a particularly informative infographic on the subject that presents what exactly is the price of rocking those beautiful and stylish high-heeled shoes.

You will find below, how your heels can put pressure on your joints, how they can cause muscle strains in your legs and more. You will also see, the injuries that might result from wearing these.

So the next time you take out your gorgeous pumps to go with your stunning outfit, stop a moment and think seriously about this infographic. Then, you will be able to make an informed decision. After all, that’s up to you!

Click on infographic to enlarge

The True Effect of High Heels

Photo credit:  lesleychoa/Flickr



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