How Yoga Transforms Your Body After Only One Class (INFOGRAPHIC)

Practicing yoga can bring you a great deal of wonderful benefits. It has become a symbol of peace, serenity and well-being in this stressful modern world we live in. In the past few years, yoga has grown more and more popular because it helps release a little bit of the stress we are exposed to by providing effective relaxation.

According to the 2012 “Yoga in America” study, 20.4 million Americans practice yoga compared to 15.8 million in 2008. So it is safe to say that yoga is growing in popularity.

Yoga, which comes from a Sanskrit word yuj  that signifies “unite”, was invented more than 5 000 years ago and is an ancient physical and spiritual discipline that originates in India. The earliest written documentation of yoga and one of the oldest texts in existence was supposedly written by Patanjali.

Patanjali was an Indian yogic sage who lived somewhere between 2,000 and 2,500 years ago and he is responsible for writing the Yoga Sutras which are the principles, philosophy, and practices of yoga.

Even though many schools of yoga have evolved throughout the years, they still follow the principles of Patanjali. Several spiritual traditions apply many of the yoga techniques or even techniques derivations.

The Huffington Post created this awesome infographic that explores the health benefits that provides yoga. Whether you practice the Hatha yoga to improve brain function or the Bikram yoga to increase flexibility, this discipline reunites body, mind, and soul to maximize the advantages for a happy and well-balanced life.

Click on infographic to enlarge

yoga infographic
Source: The Huffington Post

Photo credit: Edson HongFlickr



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