Useful Facts You Need To Know About The Common Cold (INFOGRAPHIC)

Autumn has been with us for over a month now and the common cold season has also decided to make an appearance, even though we were doing very well without it. Now that the cold weather is here to stay, many kids and adults will start to experience all the symptoms that this viral infection can affect them with.

According to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), the cold weather isn’t the reason we catch the virus, but it is during this period of the year that we are more vulnerable to it because of our tendency to stay indoor and because people are in close proximity to each other.

Although doctors didn’t find a cure for it, we now know that the common cold lasts seven to ten days, for most individuals. Runny nose, sneezing, headache, sore throat, and cough are only a few of the symptoms that we can expect from it. But the good news is that there are many ways of relieving our symptoms with various remedies and also preventing it with several methods.

When I found this infographic about the common cold, designed by, I thought it covered very well the subject. In fact, you will learn everything there is to know about this upper respiratory tract infection and you will find on it many sections that will help you understand it better:

  • The seasons for cold
  • The viruses causing cold
  • How cold spreads?
  • Symptoms of the common cold
  • Prevention
  • Treatments
  • Complications
  • Difference between cold and flu
  • Common cold stats

So if you want to get some information about the common cold, this infographic is what you need and it will certainly help you prevent and control this viral illness. In the meantime, stay healthy and enjoy the cold weather, without the common cold!

Click on infographic to enlarge


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