The Day Of The Doctor: The 50th Anniversary Special (VIDEO)

Saturday night was the long-awaited special event of the 50th anniversary of the BBC One Sci-Fi show Doctor Who. In 1963, on November 23th, 2013 at 17:16:20 GMT, the first episode of Doctor Who captivated millions of people who fell in love with the character and became fervent as well as faithful fans since then.

The 50th-anniversary special was packed with tons of actions and revealed facts about the infamous Time War when The Doctor killed the Daleks and the Time Lords. An impressive 10.2 million viewers were riveted to their TV screen yesterday to watch the extraordinary special episode. The ratings were the highest since the Doctor Who debut in 2005.

*SPOILER ALERTS*: The rest of the article contains spoilers, so if you didn’t watch the episode yet read at your own risk. You can scroll down below the text to watch the TV trailer.

Many actors return to the series to celebrate the event with Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman. David Tennant as the tenth Doctor, John Hurt as the War Doctor and Billy Piper as the War Doctor’s conscience in Rose Tyler form, were amongst the cast.

We even have the pleasure to see, at the end, a cameo from the next Doctor, Peter Capaldi and also a special appearance of the actor who played the fourth Doctor, Tom Baker as The Curator.

The story delivers a happier ending of The Time War than the one we knew so far. Also, the three Doctors work together to decide whether or not Gallifrey deserves a second chance while battling monsters from past series, the Zygons, in Elizabeth I and present times.

Furthermore, all the Doctors side by side in the end of the episode is a melancholic touch that, I am sure, has brought tears to the eyes of million of Whovians fans everywhere.

The episode is a powerful tribute to the series and is really worth watching. Plus, the fact that the Doctors saves Gallifrey by freezing it into a painting gives the present and the next Doctors a goal for the future, looking for his planet all over the universe.

Here is the TV trailer that gives a good idea of what to expect in the 50th-anniversary special.

Photo credit: Doctor Who Spoilers/Flickr


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