The Wonderful American Thanksgiving History (VIDEO)

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day and people all over the United States will celebrate this holiday with lots of food and several festivities. On Thanksgiving weekend, Americans often go on a trip to visit their family across the country, as this is one of the last occasions to travel before the Christmas season.

Taking place on the fourth Thursday of November, Thanksgiving is the chance for family members to gather together around a table filled with turkey, stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce, sweet corn, mashed and sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie. Many people will watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade or professional football games.

In September 1620, a group of 102 passengers embarked on a ship called the Mayflower, from Plymouth, in South West England, to found a society where they could live in peace in a place with people had the same religious ideals.

After a very harsh journey of 65 days, on December 11th, 1620, they landed at Plymouth Rock, on the western side of Cape Cod Bay and decided to settle a village on that land. After a long and arduous winter of hard work, the Colony was completed in late March 1621.

At first, the Pilgrims were concerned that the Indians wouldn’t be friendly, but an Indian entered the Colony and the two groups established trading relations. This was the debut of a great alliance that gave the Pilgrims the chance to survive, with the Indians’ precious tips and advice.

This is how Thanksgiving Day was decreed by the Pilgrim Governor, William Bradford. He proclaimed three days of celebration to express thanksgiving to God for letting them survive the brutal winter and also invited their neighbors to enjoy the festivities with them.

Thanksgiving Day is now an official annual holiday, thanks to Presidents George Washington in 1789 and Abraham Lincoln in 1863. Nowadays, Thanksgiving Day is part of a long weekend that usually lasts 4 to 5 days.

To learn more in depth about the Thanksgiving history, take a look at this video below. It is full of information for anyone who wants to know the entire story and how it came to be celebrated like Americans do today.

So HAPPY THANKSGIVING WEEKEND, Americans! Enjoy yourselves with your loved ones and be safe while traveling.

Photo credit: Mike Licht,


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