Twelve Christmas Traditions From Around The World (INFOGRAPHIC)

It is almost Christmas time and I thought it could be interesting to learn about the different traditions around the globe. The way people celebrate Christmas isn’t the same everywhere and we usually don’t think about the fact that the Christmas traditions aren’t alike worldwide.

Not all Christmas traditions are the same everywhere

Many facets of the holiday traditions vary according to the region. From the diverse names Santa Claus is called, the various menus or even the different Christmas customs, the traditions are tied to our beliefs and the meaning of the Christmas season remains the same; celebrating the nativity story.

Christmas traditions from around the world infographic

That’s why when I came upon this cool infographic below about Christmas traditions, I thought that it was made with a multitude of really interesting facts about twelve countries and their holiday traditions.

So, while listening to Christmas music, check out this multicultural Christmas infographic, created by Today I Found Out, to discover the Christmas traditions of some countries. In the meantime, MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!

Click on infographic to enlarge

12 Christmas Traditions From Around The World
Source: Today I Found Out

Photo credit: LenDog64/Flickr


2 thoughts on “Twelve Christmas Traditions From Around The World (INFOGRAPHIC)

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  1. This is great, Nataly!

    It’s interesting to see different traditions on how people celebrate or don’t. I had to laugh when I got to Slovakia, no offense to anyone, but that cookie image is too funny!

    Hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas!



    1. Hi Brenda,

      I also find it fascinating to see all the different Christmas traditions. But I hadn’t even noticed the cookie image and you’re right, it’s hilarious!

      Thanks for stopping by, gf! You and your family have a Merry Christmas too! 🙂


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