The Ultimate Shelf Life Of Food Guide (INFOGRAPHIC)

Everybody knows that eating healthy is supposed to be the right thing to do, but do we really know how long do these healthy foods last? Personally, I often wonder how long I should keep my foods so they are safe to eat. And it is true that we tend to get confused by the expiration dates, best before, expires on and how to interpret them.

Foods each have their longevity and they must be treated differently so they don’t become harmful. And foods can’t be stored during the same period of time depending on whether we keep them in the refrigerator, the freezer or the pantry.

That’s why when I discovered this useful infographic I thought this could help sort it all out. This infographic, created over at, has very handy general guidelines and can be incredibly helpful for planning purposes.

It contains an impressive list of unopened, uncut or uncooked vegetables, fruits, dairy products, meats, condiments, and more as well as how long you can keep leftovers. It also has a very informative section called “What’s The Deal With Expiration Dates?” where you will learn how to untangle use-by, best before, expires on and sell-by which can be a pain to differentiate.

This valuable list can surely help keep you and your family stay healthy and safe. It can also be a good idea to print it out and hang it somewhere within reach so you will always have it available. I know I will!

Click on infographic to enlarge

The Shelf Life of Food

Photo credit:  USDAgov/Flickr



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