The Relationship Between Healthcare And Social Media (INFOGRAPHIC)

Social media is increasingly changing the way people see healthcare. The progression of the online interactions between patients and health-related organizations can be seen for quite some time now and actually, this trend is not a bad thing. In fact, if it is done right, these new associations can be highly beneficial for the health care of patients.

Of course, there are many ways for social media to have an impact on healthcare and patient relationships. Several people use social media to share their medical stories which can help others have a better view of their problems. Also, medical providers take advantage of their exposure on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare or LinkedIn to offer professional advice.

To date, only 1,500 hospitals in the United States are present on social media platforms, but this is not enough. However, we can see more and more people seeking health-related information because they are getting confident that they are receiving accurate and useful answers.

Furthermore, it is reassuring to know that huge health centers like The Mayo Clinic and Massachusetts General Hospital, for example, participate extensively in broadcasting their medical insight to the social media world.

That’s why the infographic below can be of great help if you are interested in learning more about healthcare exposure on social media. Created by, Master Of Health Administration Degrees, this infographic features:

  • What patients are talking about on social media
  • Who users are most likely to trust on social media
  • With whom patients are sharing information about their health on social media
  • What hospitals are doing to maximize exposure on social media
  • Top 5 best social media practices

Moreover, you will find some statistics on the growing number of users on social media about health-related topics as well as a state-by-state breakdown of which social methods are used, categorized by hospitals and health-related organizations. Personally, I found it to be extremely insightful and utterly interesting.

All things considered, this novel alliance is for the benefit of both sides. Medical providers and patients have nothing to lose and everything to gain as they should be driven by one single goal: improving everyone’s health!

Click on infographic to enlarge

Healthcare and Social Media
Source: Master Of Health Administration Degrees

Photo credit: Tricia Wang 王圣捷/Flickr



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