How Holly, The Little Frightened Abandoned Dog, Was Rescued (VIDEO)

Holly was a little abandoned and frightened dog that was rescued by the wonderful Eldad Hagar, co-founder of the non-profit animal rescue organization Hope For Paws. It took a while, but with love, patience and determination, Eldad Hagar was able to win her over. The video of her rescue went viral after only one day.

Hope For Paws was founded by Audrey and Eldad Hagar in 2008, but the couple fostered hundreds of animals in their own home long before that. They created the organization because they wanted to help neglected and abused animals who suffered or died each year in the United States.

Their Facebook page has 319 K “likes” and they have 22, 775 followers on Twitter, which proves that people support their cause and hard work. Their YouTube page contains almost 200 videos with an impressive 246, 380 subscribers.

In an interview for the JewishJournal, Hagar said:

There are 30,000 dogs on the streets of Los Angeles each night. There are so many living in horrible conditions, and they can’t help themselves. I always save the most miserable, saddest, sickest dogs.

This amazing couple works long hours each day to rescue as many dogs as they can. Each dog deserves a chance at a better life and I share with them my love for animals. And I am happy to present to you the story of this adorable little pup.

This shivering dog was growling of fear at first, but Mr. Hagar successfully gained her trust and he was able to place a leash around her neck. It took 20 minutes to achieve and not long after that, the flustered pup was calmed enough so he could take her onto his lap.

Only three weeks later, the little dog was transformed from a terrified mutt to an adorable pampered pooch. She looks happy and playful as she runs around with her playmates. You can see her below with her foster family.

Holly with her foster familyCheck out below Holly’s rescue video which was downloaded 1,202,833 times, to date.

Photo credit: Vimeo/Eldad Hagar


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