Super Bowl XLVIII: Big Game Creates Big Numbers (INFOGRAPHIC)

Today is the event that a lot of Americans have been impatiently waiting for, the famous Super Bowl XLVIII. Football is the United States national sport and the Super Bowl is a huge happening that most Americans watch on this special Sunday each year.

This annual championship of the National Football League (NFL) was first played on January 15, 1967, after the end of the 1966 regular season. It was called “Super Bowl” from the bowl game, which is a post-season college football game.

The game is played each year on the first Sunday of February as the last game of the NFL Playoffs . Initially, it took place between the early and mid-January, but it gradually progressed from January to February. This progression was caused by several elements:

  • The regular season expansion from a fourteen games season to a seventeen one.
  • The extension of the pre-Super Bowl playoff field from six to twelve teams.
  • The introduction of the regular season bye-week during the 90s.
  • The beginning of the regular season after Labor Day.

Known, by some people, as a de facto national American holiday, “Super Sunday” is the year’s most-watched television broadcast in the U.S. This a reason for friends and family to gather together to watch the game and eat plenty of food. As a matter of fact, this special day is the second-highest food consumption among Americans.

If you are one of those who will watch the Super Bowl, you will like this infographic, created by TicketCityIt is full of fascinating facts about this event that will surely interest you. Meanwhile, I hope you will have a good time watching the game tonight. May the best win!

Big Numbers for the Big Game
Big Numbers for the Big Game created by TicketCity

Photo credit: Anthony Quintano/Flickr



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