Bet On Your Brain: The Psychology Of Winning (INFOGRAPHIC)

Everyone wants to win at one point or another in their lives. With the Winter Games ending tomorrow, I thought an article about winning would be really appropriate. So I found this infographic, created by A Winning Personality, about the psychology of winning and how the winner’s brain works.

Winners think differently than other people

According to this infographic, winning personalities seem to think differently than most people because they rewire their brains to succeed. These persons act in a particular way to accomplish a specific goal, winning. They want to win at all costs and have the means to do so.

For example, when playing poker, being able to lie can become a virtue in the winning race as opposed to the everyday normal life where we see lying as reprehensible. You have to restrain your verbal and non-verbal languages in order to beat the competition. Furthermore, a high level of self-awareness, control, and intelligence are required to have the best possible chance for success.

The psychology of winning infographic

This infographic below was made to help you obtain a bulletproof brain. Here are 8 specialized brain hacks:

  • Know the one given: Yourself
  • Map your path and walk it hard
  • Focus on your action
  • Rein your emotions
  • Draw on memory
  • Resilience
  • Adapt your brain
  • Brain care

So if you want to be part of the winning world, check out this infographic’s remarkable secrets and with these, have the possibility to rewire your brain for success!

Click on infographic to enlarge

 The Psychology of Winning
Produced by A Winning Personality



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