Tiny Dog Living Under Busy Highway Finds A Happy Ending (VIDEO)

This scared homeless Chihuahua was living under a busy highway in a Los Angeles drain pipe. Last December, she was rescued by Eldad Hagar, from the animal rescue organization Hope For Paws, with the help of Lisa Chiarelli.

Because heavy rains were flooding the drain pipe, the little pup almost drowned, Hagar said in an interview with HuffPost. At first, the tiny dog was really frightened of the rescuers and didn’t want to get captured, but finally gave up.

After Frankie was properly washed and groomed, he met another rescued dog named Miley and they quickly became best friends. Miley, by her calm attitude, really helped Frankie overcome his fears, as Mr. Hagar predicted. They supported each other while waiting for their forever homes.

Lisa Chiarelli, who participated in Frankie’s rescue, generously offered to foster the little guy until he was adopted. He has adapted wonderfully to Lisa’s two other dogs. A few weeks later, he finally found his forever home and has now four dog siblings, three Chihuahuas and an Australian Cattledog.

You can check out below the video of Frankie’s amazing rescue. It is incredible to see the awful conditions some dogs are living in and the chance many of them have to be rescued by Eldad Hagar and his team.

Photo credit: Vimeo/Eldad Hagar


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