Find The Cutes ~ Playtime: An Activity Book For Children (VIDEO & SLIDESHOW)

Not long ago, I came across this project for a fun activity book for children called «Find The Cutes ~ Playtime». The book is drawn and colored by a talented illustrator named Vincent Noot and written by his wife Celestial. So I decided to help this terrific couple achieve their funding target by spreading the word.

This activity book is not an ordinary book, but rather a search book and it is for children of all ages that love exploring. It is based on the same concept as the other activity book that you probably know called «Where’s Waldo?», but basically for children. It stimulates the imagination, educates, entertains and inspires.

The story is about a family of five children named the «Cutes». A funny detail is that all the kids’ names begin with the letter “C”. Their names are Carissa, Chaz, Cade, Cammy, and Cindy. The story started with the idea that, in large families, the oldest daughter often has to babysit her younger siblings.

With a total of 12 search pages and 4,785 characters, this kids’ search book is for children ages 3 and up. It is hours of fun for the whole family. The Noots are planning to make it into a tablet game for  iPad, kindle, and other devices. The entire series of 10 books will be family oriented. So stay tuned!

Each page took almost 100 hours to create and each character is hand-drawn as well as colored in Photoshop by Vincent Noot. Celestial Noot did most of the writing. Overall, the book took a year to complete.

You will find below a slideshow that I put together on Vimeo with some of the pictures taken from «Find The Cutes ~ Playtime». It will give you a pretty good idea about the excellent quality of drawings you can expect from the activity book.

If you want to show your support, you can like their Facebook page, follow their Twitter account and check out their pins on PinterestYou can also visit their website, Find The Cutes, to learn more in depth about this colorful and educative activity book as well as have the opportunity to meet the Cute kids.

But to be able to complete the whole series, this inventive couple needs your help. Vincent Noot and his wife have put their project on Kickstarter in the hope of raising enough money. Each pledge is a step closer to the realization of the entire project. Below is the video that was created by the Noots to promote their Kickstarter project:

Interested in helping make this wonderful project happen? Click here to donate on Kickstarter, which is a website for entrepreneurs who want to raise money for their projects.

By going to their Kickstarter pledge page, you will also have the chance to read an interview where you will learn a little bit more about the creation of the book. There are also many great rewards depending on the contribution you are making.

So don’t hesitate to go and make a pledge to help this extremely talented couple. But hurry up because the Kickstarter project ends on April 14th, 2014.


2 thoughts on “Find The Cutes ~ Playtime: An Activity Book For Children (VIDEO & SLIDESHOW)

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  1. I just wanted to let everyone know that the book “Find the Cutes – Playtime” is now for sale on Amazon and on Despite the unsuccesful Kickstarter project, we have pulled it off and sold about 50 copies. Yay! Feel free to order one or share this with your friends.

    Vincent Noot, illustrator of the “Find the Cutes” series


    1. Thanks for the information Vincent and I am really happy that you sold that many copies. I will surely consider buy one in a little while. I will probably make another post to share this new information with my readers. I will contact you on Facebook when my post is ready.


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