Hacktivist: Alyssa Milano’s New Comic Book Miniseries (VIDEOS)

Alyssa Milano has been one of my favorite actresses for a long time and I always knew that she was talented. The actress is best known for her TV roles on Who’s The Boss?, Melrose PlaceCharmed and most recently in the adaptation of the BBC’s series Mistresses on ABC.

Alyssa Milano, a woman of many talents

Alyssa Milano is a woman of many talents with her involvement in global activism and philanthropy. She also is the Unicef National Goodwill Ambassador since 2003 as well as the Founding Ambassador of Global Network for Neglected Tropical Disease Control (GNNTDC) since June 2007.

Other causes that are close to her heart are animal rights, online freedom against Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) in 2012 and in 2009, she even gave up her 37th birthday to help bring clean water to Ethiopia.

She launched in 2007 a sportswear clothing line for women which includes both jewelry and eyewear lines, called Touch by Alyssa Milano. Furthermore, she is an accomplished writer and a skillful producer.

The creation of Hacktivist

Not long ago, Alyssa Milano created a comic book series named Hacktivist. Actually, Jack Dorsey the creator of Twitter was the inspiration for the main character. Here is a video below showing Milano with the writers Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing at Comikaze 2013, where she explains how she got the idea:

What is Hacktivist

Hacktivist is a cyber-thriller about friendship and freedom in time of war. The story is basically about two friends, Ed Hiccox and Nate Graft, who are the founders of a very famous social networking company called YourLife.

Incidentally, the two friends moonlight as a team of hackers known all around the world by the alias “sve_Urs3lf”. Their goal is to expose information to the public which ignites many revolutions all across the globe. When they are outed by the U.S. government, they are forced to reevaluate their sense of right and wrong as well as their loyalty towards each other.

Alongside Alyssa Milano, Collin Kelly, and Jackson Lanzing, artist Marcus To, colorist Ian Herring, and letterer Deron Bennett complete the brilliant team that has brought this awesome graphic novel to life.

Don’t miss your chance

The Hacktivist four-issue series was released through Archaia Entertainment/BOOM! Studios on January 22nd, 2014. A hardcover will be available this summer on July 22nd, 2014. Critics have been extremely positive and sales have exceeded all expectations.

If you want to take a look and make your own mind, you can check out below the trailer for the second of the four issues of the graphic novel Hacktivist:

Photo credit: You Tube/Archaia Entertainment


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