How Your Dog’s Nose Could Actually Save Your Life (VIDEO)

It is a well-known fact that dogs are man’s best friend. They can comfort us, protect us, entertain us and keep us company. They can also be trained to become therapy dogs, guide dogs, hearing dogs and service dogs, to name a few.

Dog’s amazing sense of smell

The most amazing dog asset is his extraordinary sense of smell. As a matter of fact, a dog’s nose contains 125 to 300 million nasal olfactory receptors, depending on the breed, compared to a human’s nose who has only 5 million.

Well, this awesome nose could save your life! Actually, dogs have the ability to discover cancerous tumors. They can even predict if diabetics are suffering from low blood sugar levels. Furthermore, our beloved puppies are really good at reading body language and this is how they know beforehand when we are going to take them for a walk.

The story of Max and Maureen

In the video below, you will meet Max, a beautiful 9-year-old Red Collie Cross, who had a change in behavior towards his mistress, Maureen. He wouldn’t sit beside her or sit on her lap. His behavior was very strange and he would always touch the same area of her body with his nose. He looked very sad all the time.

Even though many tests came back negative, Max’s behavior didn’t change. So Maureen had a biopsy and it was, in fact, cancer. Max had known when nobody knew. Maureen had the mass removed and as soon as she came back from the hospital, her wonderful dog was back to his whole self again. Check out the video below to see the wonderful story of Maureen and Max.

All dogs can be trained

As a matter of fact, most dogs can be trained to help save lives as Max did for Maureen. As a result, these dogs can smell a tiny volatile chemical released by cancer tumors. The can save countless lives when sophisticated tests can’t. They have the opportunity to help people with diabetes, severe allergic reactions, and other disorders.


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