Interesting Easter Facts That You Probably Didn’t Know (INFOGRAPHIC)

Easter is back this weekend and family members will get together to exchange gifts and eat chocolate as well as candies. Naturally, there is also the traditional Easter hunt for kids of all ages. Easter is one of the most important days for Christians and is celebrated in many countries.

With the weather playing tricks on us this year, it is a little bit hard to be in the Easter spirit. Hopefully, Mother Nature will calm down and we should soon see the snow disappear for good. Fortunately, the temperature is warming up as time goes by and even though Spring is theoretically here since March 20, the new season is only beginning to show.

Easter, a commercial holiday

Easter is becoming more and more a commercial holiday where million of chocolate and candies are sold, but it is a good opportunity to see family members and share a meal with them. Did you know that 48.1 billion units of candies are sold each year? This makes Easter the second holiday in terms of chocolate consumption, right after Halloween.

Easter facts

If you want to know some cool facts on chocolate and candies consumption, check out the infographic below, created by Chilisauce. You will learn about the kinds and amount of sweets sold each year, the four top chocolate consumption holidays, the countries that celebrate Easter and many more interesting details.

You can even learn how to calculate the date for next year’s Easter and if you opt for the easy way, there is also the calendar of the Easter dates from 2012 to 2050. So HAPPY EASTER, everyone and don’t eat too much candy!

Click on infographic to enlarge


Photo credit: Fly/Flickr/CC BY



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