Surprising Facts About The Science Of Kissing (VIDEO)

We don’t really know why, but everybody loves kissing. The art of kissing has inspired countless poems, books, movies, and songs. It is considered the utmost intimate act and its power is not to be taken lightly. Whether we call it smooching, pecking or otherwise, kissing can be used to show passion, love, greeting, friendship and more.


Called Philematology, the science of kissing is something much more complex than we would think at first. Kissing releases several hormones and neurotransmitters that are involved in a mix of chemical reactions, which explains why smooching is so addictive and pleasant.

Human lips are the most exposed erogenous zone of our body and they are very sensitive. Also, when we kiss five of our 12 cranial nerves catapult electric impulses throughout our head, skin, and lips. Furthermore, the sense of smell is a major factor when we kiss. Hence, a kiss can help us to decide if we want to consider the possibility of a relationship or if this is a one-time thing.

The science of kissing explained

To learn more about the science of kissing, check out the video below. It explains really well everything you need to know about it and what happens in our body, the origins of kissing and a lot of other very interesting facts. You will even learn that kissing is good for your health, so if you want to stay healthy, don’t hold back and kiss whenever you feel like it!

Photo credit: TheeErin/Flickr


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