Who Is Responsible For Sexual Equality? Everyone! (VIDEOS)

Sexuality orientation has everybody talking, and many of us are still dividing sexual preferences into two categories, you are either “straight” or “gay”. But what if you could have endless possibilities in between those two choices and have the chance to express your sexuality the way you want? Well, this is real!

More people than you think are “in between”

Actually, more people than you would think to describe themselves as “in between” and are not 100% gay or straight. As human beings, we have a tendency to put people up in little boxes and by doing so, we could end up missing out on beautiful sexual experiences, with an array of many wonderful people of any gender. Unfortunately, a lot of people are ashamed to “come out” and tell the world who they really are.

Fifty shades of gay

Photographer iO Tillett Wright has decided to clear the issue by taking the picture of 300 people in New York City who consider themselves “in between” the two sexual orientations. Aside from being a gifted photographer, iO is an artist, an activist, and a public speaker. Her video, Fifty Shades of Gay, has been viewed one million times and counting.

iO’s goal is “to show the humanity that exists in every one of us through the simplicity of a face”. She also says that the Declaration of Independence claims “that all men are created equal”, but that the American society fails in following this basic principle. She adds that today, in 29 states, you can be fired for your sexual preference. She calls this project her contribution to the civil rights fight. You can watch the video below:

The Self Evident Truths project

As of May 2014, iO has photographed 4,620 faces in 51 American cities. Called Self Evident Truths, the project has now a goal of 10,000 people, which she will photograph all over the United States, who identify themselves anywhere on the LGBTQ spectrum.

With this project, she wants to show that the LGBTQ community includes people of all shape, sizes, races and social classes, thus reducing the discrimination against them.

The campaign We Are You

Within the project, she launched a campaign called We Are You, and the purpose of its message is to spread love and understanding. Furthermore, it aims at raising awareness about the possibility of a wider range of human sexuality.

The campaign consists of sponsoring one of the 10,000 portraits. You have the choice to buy either a T-shirt, a bag or a sticker. Check out the video below for all the information about the campaign:

For more information on the project and the campaign We Are You, go to the Self Evident Truths site and you can also follow iO Tillett Wright on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Photo credit: Elagro/Flickr


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