Becoming A Mother Should Be A Woman’s Prerogative (VIDEOS)

The battle between the pro-choice and pro-life groups has been going on for many many years now. But deciding to become a mother shouldn’t be the decision of anyone but the person who bears the child, the woman. However, moral, culture and religion are often weighing in the balance when it comes to supporting abortion and contraception.

Women have abortions for numerous reasons

Women all over the world are having abortions whether it is legal or not. Even though they know that they are breaking the law, those women are forced to resort to abortion for numerous reasons, sometimes in dubious circumstances and by people without any training. Those practices endanger the health and even the lives of women who are facing unintended pregnancies.

Should we outlaw abortions altogether?

Interestingly, abortions have a far higher rate in countries where this is illegal than in countries where the procedure is generally legal. But should we outlaw abortions altogether to eliminate them or is it the other way around? To learn more, watch the video below which explains the issue in greater detail, created by the Guttmacher Institute:

Contraception, the other much-discussed subject

Furthermore, abortion is not the only controversial issue about birth control and women’s reproductive freedom. Contraception is another much-discussed subject. Again, some people are advocating against any form of contraception, when, in fact, birth control should be a woman’s personal decision. In the United States, contraception use is virtually available for all women of any religion.

When we think about it, contraception use is intimately related to a lower rate of abortions. Unfortunately, the cost of contraceptives can be a serious barrier for the woman who wants to use it. On the other hand, choosing the right method of contraception as well as using it consistently and correctly contributes to making women safer and healthier.

The benefits of contraception

Nowadays, the availability of contraception methods can have a huge impact on a woman’s decision to have children. Fortunately, some good news regarding the cost of contraceptives was put forward recently. To know more on the subject, check out the video below, also from the Guttmacher Institute:

Final thoughts

In the end, a woman’s decision to have a child should be hers and hers only. Ducking the issue doesn’t solve the problem at all, it only puts it underground and one way or another, women are going to get abortions. We should be focusing on finding solutions that will contribute to decreasing unintended pregnancies or, even better, preventing unwanted pregnancies.

Photo credit: mnd.ctrl/Flickr


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