How To Improve Your Posture With This Ultimate Guide (INFOGRAPHIC)

A good posture is of great importance as slouching and slumping can lead to really serious health problems, especially nowadays with all the technological devices at your disposal. Maintaining a proper posture is so much more than looking your best, it is actually the key to having a well-balanced and healthy body.

What impact a bad posture can have

As a matter of fact, using all these electronic gadgets in your everyday normal life can really take its toll on your body. For example, when you slouch or slump, it can affect your circulation because your spine is slouching too. In the long run, a bad position could also have a terrible impact on your back, shoulders and neck, which could lead to all sorts of pain.

You can improve your health by your posture

That’s why this infographic below, created by the team at Greatist, is the perfect guide to help improve your health by improving your posture. In it, you will find:

  • Is it really that bad? (How a bad posture can affect your health)
  • What causes bad posture? (Stress, genetics, accidents and more)
  • Great posture in every posture (do’s and don’ts of sitting, standing, walking, running or sleeping)
  • Improve your lifestyle to improve your posture (What you should do to help)

The ultimate guide to good posture

A good posture is far more important than you would think at first. In fact, back pain is the second most common reason for seeking medical advice as 50% of working Americans are suffering from back pain. However, bad posture effects are not irreparable. Good advice and a certain mindfulness can help correct it and ensure that a poor posture makes room for better and healthier posture habits.

The Ultimate Guide To Good Posture

Photo credit: Ed Yourdon/Flickr



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