Amazing Rescue: Dog Waited Alone A Whole Year After His Owner Died (VIDEO)

When Woody’s owner passed away, the family members sold the house, leaving the poor little dog outside to fend for himself. He ended up living all alone under a nearby shed for a whole year, waiting patiently for his owner to return. Meanwhile, Woody survived on food and water provided by some neighbors, as they looked for someone to save him.

This little guy only wanted one thing

The non-profit animal rescue organization Hope For Paws got a call about Woody to ask if they could come and get him out from under the shed. So Eldad Hagar, with his friend Lisa Chiarelli, went to rescue the wretched little guy in hope that a kind and loving family would adopt him.

After an initial resistance, Woody was pulled out from his hiding place, and he quickly allowed them to pet him. Lisa even succeeded in picking him up. As it turned out, Woody was emaciated, with matted fur and was almost blind in one eye. But it was obvious that he lacked affection.

His heart-wrenching story

After a much-needed shave and bath, Woody was an entirely different dog. At first, they had trouble getting him to eat, but now he can’t wait to get his food and treats. They even arranged for him to regain the sight in his impaired eye. After all, the little guy only wanted to be loved and love back. Check out below the video of his heart-wrenching story:

Awaiting his “furever” home

It seems that some applications from people hoping to adopt Woody have already started to come in, and they are being reviewed as we speak. Eldad and his team are examining them with the utmost attention, to make sure that Woody finds the perfect family who will give him lots of love and affection.

For the time being, he is being fostered by Lisa Chiarelli while waiting for his forever home. You can see him below with his two foster brothers:

Woody with his two foster brothers

Don’t forget your pets

Woody is a very affectionate little dog, and he will make his new family very happy. At the end of the video, Eldad reminds pet owners “to include their pets in their will or Living Trust to ensure they have a loving place to go.” People should pay a close attention to this advice and actually follow it to prevent other stories like this one from happening.

To adopt Woody

If you are interested in adopting Woody or if you want to make a donation,  go to Hope For Paws website.

Photos credit: Vimeo/Eldad Hagar


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  1. What a nice story, this poor puppy must have been so desperate to have someone rescue him. So happy he finally was rescued by the Hope For Paws team. They do such a good job!


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