Scared Homeless Dog Gets Rescued, Finds Himself Living Like A Celebrity (VIDEO)

This homeless little dog was living in an abandoned lot when the remarkable animal rescue organization Hope For Paws received a call about the stray dog. Right away, Eldad Hagar and his team went to pick him up so he could have a chance at a better life. But the rescue mission didn’t go as easy as expected at first, but eventually had a happy ending.

This poor scared pup only wanted to be loved

The smart pooch was really scared and was running away every time they tried to go near him. Ultimately, with much shrewdness and patience, Eldad and Lisa Arturo finally captured the little guy. They decided to name him Einstein, because of his tuft of hair on his head. Immediately, Einstein fell in love with Lisa and rested peacefully in her arms. Obviously, he was lacking affection and human warmth.

From stray mutt to lucky pup

The poor dog was in really bad shape, but after a good bath, grooming, and hundreds of foxtails removed from his skin, he was a whole new pooch.  During his healing process, the lucky pup even got to be filmed for TV with his new-found friend Betty White. You can watch below to see his wonderful story:

Professor Einstein finds his “furever” home

10 days after being rescued, Einstein found his forever home and is now living with actor/director Emanuele Secci. Professor Einstein is now living large in Beverly Hills, California with his best friend. Check him out below in his forever home:

Einstein1For more information and updates, you can check out the Einstein’s Facebook page. His life has been completely turned upside down and this adorable pup has gone a long way since his homeless days. Kudos to Hope For Paws for all their amazing work. It is always a great pleasure to see another successful rescue.

Photos credit: Vimeo/Hope For Paws


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  1. Aww, I always like to read little stories like this one :).
    In my uncle’s neighborhood (in Portugal) there’s this female cat, and she had 5 little cute kittens (really, they’re so adorable). My uncle and almost-wife would have them but they already have Tashi and Pacholas (who’s currently, and quite permanently on quarantine from the other one because it has some sort of feline HIV. HAHA so the house has to be divided in 2 halfs: Tashi’s half and Pachola’s half).
    So there’s this lady, who already saved and fostered 4 cats, she’s working along with a local organization: so they provide friendly traps so she can catch all the kitties (sometimes they can help sometimes they can’t) before taking their mother. It’s an on going thing … and for me to be able to follow (and sometimes even see in first hand how people try to help the kitties) this story *—* aargh, it’s just adorable, what everyone is doing : ).

    Now that I’m thinking about this, this would be a good topic for my blog, maybe I’ll report some of the happenings related to this ^^ (also: Tashi and Pachola’s story). Check it out if you want <3.


  2. Hello Patricia and welcome to my blog!

    I really love those kind of story and especially those from Hope For Paws, they are awesome! Since I am an animal lover, I try to integrate rescue stories to my blog from time to time.

    If you decide to post a story like this just let me know and I’ll be happy to check it out 🙂

    Have a great day 🙂


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