8 Thanksgiving Day Foods That Can Be Harmful To Your Dog (INFOGRAPHIC)

It’s Thanksgiving Day in the United States and each year, this is a special opportunity to be thankful for all the good things that happen in your lives. It’s also the perfect time to share them with your friends and families and enjoy the traditional Thanksgiving dinner that will be full of yummy treats.

Although those foods are really good to eat for humans, they could endanger the lives of your beloved furbabies if, inadvertently, they would eat some.

Learn to protect your pups

To protect them, you have to be able to recognize which part of the Thanksgiving dinner could be fatal to your dogs and then take the necessary precautions to prevent your four-legged friends from eating them.

That’s why the infographic below, created by the team at The Dogington Post, is the perfect guide to help you remember which foods are bad for them.

The infographic that can save your dog’s life

The guide includes 8 dangerous foods and each has a description to help you understand why they can be harmful to them and also which symptoms would be present. Here they are:

  • Turkey skin
  • Cooked bones
  • Onions & garlic
  • Alcohol
  • Nuts
  • Nutmeg
  • Sage
  • Chocolate, dough & batter

A good idea would be to display this list for everyone to see to make sure your loving furry friends are safe. It even contains the number for the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center for potential poisonous substance ingestions. Furthermore, saving your pet from harm could be another thing to be thankful for.

So Happy Thanksgiving to all Americans and have a great time surrounded by your loved ones, including those who wear little fur coats!

Click on infographic to enlarge

An infographic by the team at The Dogington Post

Photo credit: carterse/Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0



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