The Scientific Secrets Behind A Happy Relationship (INFOGRAPHIC)

Being in a romantic relationship is definitely hard work and can require lots of compromises. Although it’s not an easy thing to do, you can succeed at being happy with your partner. Some studies, based on scientific facts, can actually help you improve your relationship and be happier with the one you love.

Some scientific facts

Actually, psychologists and neuroscientists have found out some serious factors and the team at Happify have used their research as well as data from the fact tank Pew Research Center to create the infographic below which discloses all the secrets of happy couples.

According to their studies, the most important factor, by 70%, for happy couples to feel satisfied is the quality of their friendship. It also seems that people in happy relationships spend 5 more hours per week talking with each other and being together. Also, couples who have new experiences together are known to be more satisfied with their marriages.

The categories

In this infographic, you will find lots of facts and stats and most of them are divided into these categories:

  • Cultivate positive interactions every day
  • In the bedroom
  • How do you respond to triumphs?
  • Share an experience together
  • What’s your fighting style?
  • Marriage and your happiness
  • Why get married?
  • How do kids impact a couple’s happiness

The science behind a happy relationship

Actually, I don’t think that all these facts are 100% suitable to all happy couples, but most of them are based on surveys and stats, so I would think that they are as close to the reality as possible. Either way, these discoveries could be good advice for couples who need a little more happiness in their relationship.

Click on infographic to enlarge

The science behind a happy relationship
Source: Infographic Plaza

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