“Curves” Art Photography Book Celebrates All Women’s Bodies In An Amazing Way (VIDEO & SLIDESHOW)

When we look at magazines, it seems that models are getting increasingly thinner. This supposedly ideal body image is influencing young girls into thinking that they have to be thin to be happy. But this is not the reality, and we have to show to our young girls that every woman is beautiful. Well, one photographer has found the perfect way to do that!

A photographer on a mission

Photographer Victoria Janashvili has decided that enough is enough. She has photographed women with different body types and with these pictures, she wishes to demonstrate that there are real body types in the fashion industry. She wants to celebrate all women and also wants to point out that every woman should be confident of who she is.

She asked plus-size models, Denise Bidot and Marina Bulatkina, to help her put an end to the rumors saying that plus-size models are padding themselves for photoshoots. She wanted to show people that these pictures are real, and that’s why she decided to shoot them practically naked. Her art photography book, called CURVES, was born.

All of the images in her book intent to demonstrate women’s beauty in every shape and size ~ short, tall, skinny, curvy and from all ethnic backgrounds. Below, you can see the making-of video of the photoshoot with Denise and Marina. In it, you will also see Victoria Janashvili explain why she decided to do this project.

The book on Kickstarter

According to the New York press release which took place on December 15, 2014, the art photography book was put on Kickstarter to “help launch the book on platforms to sell, open an art gallery to continue to spread the word and provide a percentage that will be allocated to charity that shares the same message.” Ms. Janashvili also added:

“Even though the average American woman is a size 14, our society continues to set stereotypes as standards when it relates to the real body image of women. This is why I spent years of my time taking pictures of different types of models and took part of numerous ‘body image awareness’ campaigns that went viral, and caused lots of discussions. Through my book, I would like to continue to spread the mission and break social stereotypes, so we can take a stand on women feeling confident within their own skin.”

Launched on December 3, 2014, the Kickstarter was a huge success and reached its goal of $37 500,00 only a month after its launch, with an impressive amount of $40 072,00 and 727 backers. If you want to check out the details, click here. The book is set to be published in Spring 2015, but you can order your copy on the website CURVESTHEBOOK.com.

Ms. Janashvili was kind enough to provide me with several pictures, so I decided to make a slideshow in the form of a video. Here it is below, featuring the two beautiful models, Denise Bidot and Marina Bulatkina.

Warning: Slideshow images may be considered NSFW.

Who is fashion photographer Victoria Janashvili

Born in St Petersburg in Russia, Janashvili is a 26-year-old fashion photographer who studied at the London College of Fashion and then moved to New York in 2009. She has been working in the fashion industry for the past 7 years. Her work includes covers and spreads for GQ, Maxim, Esquire, Cosmopolitan magazines, to name a few.

Her main goal is to portray models which women can relate to and could be considered “healthy”. She was the first to introduce the body image awareness movement which initiated the discussion about the average American size for women.

Over to you

Even though we still have a long way to go regarding body image awareness, it’s up to us women to change people’s way of looking at things. As I said at the beginning of this post, young girls are influenced by the way models are looking nowadays. They have to believe they are beautiful as well as feel comfortable in their own skin.

This is not surprising that girls are developing physical and psychological issues at a younger and younger age. It is up to us adults to show them that every woman is beautiful and that a woman shouldn’t be ashamed of her body. We have to follow a healthier body appearance, show them to be confident and spread a message of love, happiness, and acceptance.

Photos credit by Victoria Janashvili


4 thoughts on ““Curves” Art Photography Book Celebrates All Women’s Bodies In An Amazing Way (VIDEO & SLIDESHOW)

Add yours

  1. Such a fabulous post Nataly.

    I hate the fact that the average size of a woman is a 14 yet society sees that (1) as plus size and (2) as fat. I just don’t understand that. The women/models that are portrayed in magazines are thin and airbrushed. Even the actresses on tv, the majority, are thinner (less than plus sized) women. It’s totally sad. If more women (plus size) would be more comfortable in their skin, maybe we could all ban together and make a difference in this world.

    Thanks for bringing awareness out on this. I’ve gladly passed it along!



    1. Hi Bren!

      When I saw an article about this fabulous book, I couldn’t resist and write a post about this to bring awareness and to show that women are beautiful, in every shape and size. With the plus-sized models that posed for the pictures in here, we can prove that a woman can be beautiful, even if she isn’t as thin as the “average” model like we usually see.

      I am very happy you liked it and thanks for sharing, gf! Have a wonderful Sunday! 🙂


  2. Love this post Nataly.

    I’ve never been a skinny girl and for many many many years I was self conscious about my body. It’s weird because now that I’m in my 40s I feel better and I’m at a lower weight than when I was in my 20s.

    I still have some issues but for the most part I’m embracing my curves. My idol? My daughter. She’s a plus size and she loves her curves and not shy at all. I wish I was like her when I was younger. Sure she has her days but those are far and few in between.

    I’ve always talked to my girls about loving who they are.. I share my story about why I am negative about myself (abusive ex) and I’ve taught them to never let a guy put them down in any way.

    As you can see I’m passionate about that :). Great post lady. I’m going to share this.



    1. Hi Cori!

      If it wasn’t for your grown up kids, I would have never guessed that you were in your 40s. Middle to late 30s yes, but not in your 40s. You look really great!

      I am sure that your daughter’s attitude about her body is mainly because of what you taught your girls. You are so right, no guy should have that kind of power over a girl. I did exactly the same with my daughters and they love who they are and I admire that about them.

      Like you, I have always been very insecure and negative about myself. As time went by, I have learned to be more confident about who I am. I remember when I first started going out with my husband, I couldn’t accept him giving me a compliment. Now I say thank you and don’t fight it anymore.

      I am very happy you liked my post! Thanks for sharing it and have a wonderful weekend, my friend! 🙂


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